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By: Leo
27/02-11, 23:00
Category: General featured an article about the hacking of Valves network and stealing of Half-Life 2 source code in 2003. The article includes an interview with the hacker. link

Craig Morrison wrote on his blog an example, from his Anarchy Online days, of the complexity of MMO design when dealing with the human factor. A fun and interesting story. link

The Lonely Island has lately released two singles from their next album. The videos for the two singles can be found in HD quality on YouTube: I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon) and The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj).

By: Leo
24/02-11, 00:23
Category: Game
Age Of Conan

My second raiding character in Age Of Conan after PoM is HoX. Here are a little guide I recently wrote for my guild forums about how I raid with my HoX.

This is not an ultimate guide on how to play HoX in AoC. It's a description on how I feat, perk and play my HoX in T2 raids. When I follow this setup I do good damage in comparison to the rest of the raid, especially on trash mobs. If the players on other top dps classes are a bit lazy I can even top the damage list.

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By: Leo
20/02-11, 18:52
Category: Code

Back when I started tinkering with Nucleus CMS (many years ago) was one of the first things i started to customize the NP_Calendar plugin. This was because I wanted more control over the CSS formatting of the calendar table. Especially wanted I to be able to use the border-radius attributes on the table.

I have made a new plugin called NP_LMCalendar based on the v0.73 version of the NP_Calendar plugin. The reason that I have used such an old version as a base for my plugin is that the main development on the plugin was done several years ago. I have later added some of the newer functionality from the NP_Calendar plugin to the NP_LMCalendar plugin.

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By: Leo
20/02-11, 16:16
Category: Code
Nucleus CMS

When setting up this site i discovered that the NP_FancierURL2 plugin for Nucleus had some problems. The first thing I noticed was that categories for the archive pages didn't work after the plugin was installed. I started out to fix this, but as I progressed I found several problems and ended up doing a large revision of the code for the plugin.

I have made a new plugin called NP_LMFancierURL with my changes to the original NP_FancierURL2 plugin.

The full documentation and the latest version of the plugin can be found on the LMFancierURL plugin page.

By: Leo
05/02-11, 05:03
Category: Code

I use the free version of ESXi from VMware to virtualize my home Linux servers. My ESXi 4.0 host got a PSOD (Purple Screen Of Death) the other day, so I decided it maybe was time to update the ESXi software to the latest version.

On the VMware site I found that ESXi has come out with a 4.1 version. What wasn't that clear was how I should do this upgrade, as the old host update utility is no longer supported. After some searching it came clear that the only way to upgrade the free ESXi was to manually download patches and use a command line utility to do the upgrade. Not very user-friendly if you ask me.

The upgrade procedure is described in the vSphere Upgrade Guide, but it isn't very clear that there is only one option if you are using the free version of ESXi.

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By: Leo
04/02-11, 23:22
Category: FilmTV
The Interceptor

The Interceptor is a Russian action movie part fantasy and part science fiction from 2009. I discovered it through watching the trailer on a Blu-ray disc and I was intrigued by it. The cheap price for the disk made it an easy buy.

The film is well made with interesting visuals and an unusual score. One bad thing about the movie is that you need to either read the blurb on the case or an resume of the story before seeing the film. Without it may the film be a little confusing as many of the concepts presented in the film is not explained well.

But overall a well worth movie to watch if you like Sci-Fi movies.

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