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By: Leo
27/04-11, 01:35
Category: Game

About a year ago Funcom started to let you earn 1 off-line levels each 4th day that could be applied to a character of choice. Until now I have collected all my off-line levels and had never used any of them. And yesterday I got my 100th unused off-line level. And promptly used 7 of them to get my 6th character the last levels to 80. :)

But before I used the levels I took a screen shot to prove this great achievement.

Offline levels in Age of Conan
By: Leo
10/04-11, 02:01
Category: FilmTV
Summer Wars

Summer Wars is a Japanese animation (aka anime) film. It's a sci-fi action family drama where Kenji accidentally gets to play Natsukis boyfriend at a family reunion on the countryside.

While he is there he ends up battling a rouge hacker AI together with his new family. The battles take place in a world encompassing online community where the AI uses hacked accounts with access to the worlds infrastructure to create mayhem in the real world.

The film switches between the old family house in the countryside and the graphical presentation of the online community. This makes the large contrast between the two worlds stand out. The story is well told and the journey to the inevitable end is filled with interesting characters and good twists and turns.

Recommended if you want to see a different sci-fi movie.

Links: IMDB - Trailer

By: Leo
06/04-11, 23:12
Category: Game
Battlefield Play4Free

Battlefield Play4Free is now out in open beta. I did play Battlefield 1942 quite much back in the days. Having played the closed beta some, the game gives me much of the same battlefield feeling as the original Battlefield 1942. I haven't played the recent Battlefield games in multiplayer, so I can't compare it to the multiplayer in any of the Battlefield games after Battlefield 2.

It is a free to play game, and so far you don't have that big handicap using the starter weapons. But if you like playing the game you would probably end up spending some money on it to get weapons that are slightly better then the starter weapons. You can also pay money to play dressup. :-)

The balance between newcomers and veterans may be a problem later, as you get access to extra skills as you play.

To celebrate the open beta have EA released an open beta launch trailer.

By: Leo
03/04-11, 22:44
Category: General

Eidos Montreal has released a new trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution called "3 Ways To Play". It shows how you can use 3 different play style approaches to complete a mission. A new European release date has also been announced: 26/8-2011. link

The Lonely Island has released a video on YouTube for the first song on their upcoming album. The song is called We're Back! The release date for their new album is now also official: 10th May 2011.

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