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By: Leo
17/07-11, 20:14
Category: Code

I have a mail server where I accumulate mails from my mail accounts. To read and organize this mail I use Roundcube against an imap server.

When I decided to do some reorganizing of the mail on my imap server I discovered a problem with Roundcube. The problem is that it is no functionality to create a directory for subfolders on the imap server if the imap server uses mbox mail folders.

You can't cheat the creation by using a / in the mail folder name when you create a new mail folder with Roundcube, since Roundcube gives an error if you include a / in the folder name.

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By: Leo
10/07-11, 04:08
Category: Game
The Secret World

Funcom demoed The Secret World at EA's Summer Showcase, where they showed a Savage Coast dungeon run.

There is a video from the demo. The video is split in 3 parts, that can be seen here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

During the demo they talk some about the group dynamics, the skill system and some about design philosophy.

By: Leo
10/07-11, 03:10
Category: FilmTV
Final Fantasy VII

This 8 minute stop motion short film with Final Fantasy VII action figures is the most epic amateur short film i have seen in a while. Every thing about it is epic: the fight choreography, the editing, the music, the sound design and the setting (Cloud, Aerith and Sephiroth action figures going all out inside a real apartment).

Final Fantasy VII is one of my fondest game memories, and seeing the characters from the game battling to the old game music is great.

Check the film makers YouTube channel for more of his stop motion creations. How about some Gundam Kung Fu fighting? This film also has very good fight choreography and editing. Also worth checking out is his blog where he have "Behind the scenes" posts about his latest films.

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