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Slightly Some is a blog about things that interests me. Nothing more and nothing less.

Among my interests are: Gaming, home theater, tinkering with my Linux/Windows boxes and photography. I also cursed with the urge to collect stuff. The photos in the gallery section is taken by me.

This blog uses Nucleus CMS. The skin and templates this blog uses are made from scratch. Graphical design is not my force, so I have tried to keep the design very simple. I also have made variants of a couple of plugins to fix problems and to get them to work the way i want.

The layout of this blog is tested in Firefox 3.6 and Internet Explorer 8, but will look best in Firefox because Internet Explorer 8 don't support border-radius CSS3 attributes.

Nucleus CMS plugins used are: LMFancierURL, LMRedirectToItem, LMCalendar, BBCode, CommentControl, ShowBlogs, LatestComments, SitemapExporter, BadBehavior.

An overview of all my Nucleus plugins can be found here.


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