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Nucleus plugin: NP_LMFancierURL v3.0.0

By: Leo
29/07-12, 23:01
Category: Code
Nucleus CMS

Version 3.0.0 of the NP_LMFancierURL plugin has been released. Among the news and changes in this version of the LMFancierURL plugin are:

  • Possible to set a custom base URL for each blog. This will let you host blogs with different domains on the same Nucleus installation.
  • Option to redirect to the URL of the default blog index page when a base URL is used.
  • Option to include blog in generated member links to ensure the correct skin is used on the member page.
  • Requires version 1.1.1 of the NP_LMURLParts plugin.

The full documentation and the latest version of the plugin can be found on the LMFancierURL plugin page.


  1. From: vincent
    14/11-13, 16:32
    Great plugin!
    Easy to use and efficient. All links look much better now that I personalized them exactly how I wanted.
    Thanks Leo!

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