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By: Leo
20/11-11, 00:17
Category: FilmTV

ROSA is an animated sci-fi short film. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world with no human life left. We follow ROSA, who is a newly awaken cyborg. But ROSA is not alone, and have to fight for her survival.

This short film is really impressive considering it is made by an amateur on a zero budget. The animation is well made and the visuals are interesting. I also like that the short film is more than a fighting sequence, as it also has glimpses of a larger story.

By: Leo
14/08-11, 01:04
Category: FilmTV

I didn't have high expectations when I sat down to watch this film. Having only seen a trailer a long time ago and remembering it looking kind of cool. I wouldn't have watched it if it didn't seemed to be some kind of Sci-Fi, which is my favorite genre.

But after a while the movie got me hooked and I enjoyed the movie to the end. It certainly has some plot holes, but if you see past these I think the movie is quite entertaining.

I liked the concept of the movie with these people with different types of psychic power fighting each other. The setup for the final showdown also has a nice twist, leaving both the viewer and the characters in the dark while it's unfolding.

So overall a recomended Sci-Fi movie.

Links: IMDB - Trailer

By: Leo
09/08-11, 02:45
Category: FilmTV
Weird Al - The Alpocalypse Tour

'Weird Al' announced yesterday that he will be releasing a concert DVD and Blu-Ray called 'Weird Al' Yankovic Live! - The Alpocalypse Tour on the 4th October.

The cover art for the DVD/Blu-Ray looks good.

Hopefully will the Blu-Ray release either be available in Europe or be for all regions so it can be imported from US.

From the press release

"I totally agree with David Bernath," declared Yankovic. "I'm awesome."

By: Leo
10/07-11, 03:10
Category: FilmTV
Final Fantasy VII

This 8 minute stop motion short film with Final Fantasy VII action figures is the most epic amateur short film i have seen in a while. Every thing about it is epic: the fight choreography, the editing, the music, the sound design and the setting (Cloud, Aerith and Sephiroth action figures going all out inside a real apartment).

Final Fantasy VII is one of my fondest game memories, and seeing the characters from the game battling to the old game music is great.

Check the film makers YouTube channel for more of his stop motion creations. How about some Gundam Kung Fu fighting? This film also has very good fight choreography and editing. Also worth checking out is his blog where he have "Behind the scenes" posts about his latest films.

By: Leo
10/04-11, 02:01
Category: FilmTV
Summer Wars

Summer Wars is a Japanese animation (aka anime) film. It's a sci-fi action family drama where Kenji accidentally gets to play Natsukis boyfriend at a family reunion on the countryside.

While he is there he ends up battling a rouge hacker AI together with his new family. The battles take place in a world encompassing online community where the AI uses hacked accounts with access to the worlds infrastructure to create mayhem in the real world.

The film switches between the old family house in the countryside and the graphical presentation of the online community. This makes the large contrast between the two worlds stand out. The story is well told and the journey to the inevitable end is filled with interesting characters and good twists and turns.

Recommended if you want to see a different sci-fi movie.

Links: IMDB - Trailer

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