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Watched: Summer Wars

By: Leo
10/04-11, 02:01
Category: FilmTV
Summer Wars

Summer Wars is a Japanese animation (aka anime) film. It's a sci-fi action family drama where Kenji accidentally gets to play Natsukis boyfriend at a family reunion on the countryside.

While he is there he ends up battling a rouge hacker AI together with his new family. The battles take place in a world encompassing online community where the AI uses hacked accounts with access to the worlds infrastructure to create mayhem in the real world.

The film switches between the old family house in the countryside and the graphical presentation of the online community. This makes the large contrast between the two worlds stand out. The story is well told and the journey to the inevitable end is filled with interesting characters and good twists and turns.

Recommended if you want to see a different sci-fi movie.

Links: IMDB - Trailer

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