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By: Leo
05/03-11, 00:15
Category: FilmTV

This is a martial arts action movie from Thailand. What's special about this movie is that it has a young woman as the lead character. She is involved in all the fights in the film, and she does it rather well.

The first 30 min of the film is setup, and have little fighting. Then the lead character gets in fighting mode by a short nice looking animated piece. After that most of the film is fighting or setups for fighting and the final 30 minutes have several fight scenes stringed back to back.

The fights are intense and look really hurtful, both for our heroine and her poor combatants. Especially the final fight scene where they fight on the facade of a 3 story high building, where there are lots of nasty looking falls.

The story is basically a kind of Romeo and Juliet setup with hooks attached to initiate fighting sequences. But if you likes to watch martial art fighting movies i can recommend Chocolate.

Watch out for the lady-boys, interesting choice for a mafia entourage.

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By: Leo
04/02-11, 23:22
Category: FilmTV
The Interceptor

The Interceptor is a Russian action movie part fantasy and part science fiction from 2009. I discovered it through watching the trailer on a Blu-ray disc and I was intrigued by it. The cheap price for the disk made it an easy buy.

The film is well made with interesting visuals and an unusual score. One bad thing about the movie is that you need to either read the blurb on the case or an resume of the story before seeing the film. Without it may the film be a little confusing as many of the concepts presented in the film is not explained well.

But overall a well worth movie to watch if you like Sci-Fi movies.

By: Leo
09/01-11, 16:09
Category: FilmTV
State Of Play

State Of Play is a buddy journalist conspiracy thriller movie. The buddy journalist part is predicable, but the conspiracy thriller part is quite well done. The movie is low on action, but has a high intensity level. It had me on the edge of the seat for most parts.

Overall a highly recommended movie.

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