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Raiding with Priest of Mitra in Age of Conan

By: Leo
28/01-11, 22:46
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Age Of Conan

Some time ago I wrote a little guide about raiding with the Priest of Mitra class in the MMORPG Age of Conan. It was originally posted in the forums of my AoC guild. I have included the guide here, as it may be interesting for others.

This is not an ultimate guide to playing Priest of Mitra in AoC. It concentrates on what I think is the most essential for a healing focused PoM in PvE raids.

Updated 23/2-13: This post is obsolete, as there has been a revamp of the PoM class since it was written. I have written a new post about raiding with PoM in AoC.


Here are my PoM feats used for raiding. It's a Divinity/General build that focus on healing.

First priority is feats that increase the healing potential, second priority is mana regeneration.

Key feats for healing potential are Divine Lance and Divine Halo. These gives extra heals and it's important to get these heals to trigger as they heal on top of green, blue and big heals.

Spell rotation

Priest of Mitra

Always have mana pots running in long boss fights. Low mana regen can be a problem for PoMs.

Keep Emanation of Life up at all time.

Bear Shamans are generally expected to blue heal mele/tank groups. Don't use Wave of Life for blue heals on melee/tank groups if a Bear Shaman is present unless you are told to. You may have to cast Wave of Life now and then on a group despite the presence of a Bear Shaman to trigger extra mana regen if you get really low on mana.

Build up stacks of Divine Blessing with holy spells like Lance of Mitra, Rebuke and Smite. At 5 stacks you gain the Divine Halo effect that periodically heals the lowest health friendly target (my Divine Halo heals for 238, but can also crit heal for 381). Each heal consume a Divine Blessing stack. Keep casting holy spells to keep the Divine Blessing stacks from running out.

Cast Lance of Mitra as often as possible so Divine Lance can heal friendly targets close to the enemy (my Divine Lance heals for 323, but can also crit heal for 517). Remember that Lance of Mitra is a column damage spell, so you should position yourself (if possible) so you can damage more than one enemy.

The heals from Divine Halo and Divine Lance may not seem like much, but in a tough fight they can make a difference. It's also worth to notice that these heals can be stacked with the same heals from other PoMs.

If there is extra time/mana after healing a PoM should contribute to the DPS of the raid. Use Condemnation when the Holy Storm effect is on and you have 5 stacks of Divine Blessing. You will have to have your Wave of Life running on you or cast Holy Cleansing to trigger the Holy Storm effect. If Holy Cleansing is not needed for healing in the raid encounter should it be used as often as possible when the Divine Halo effect is on.

Important gear stats

Before AA perks is Critical Rating the only gear attribute that directly influence your healing output. Natural Mana Regen will indirectly influence the healing output, as it will only have an influence if you run out of mana.

After you get AA heals is Heal Rating an important attribute, but the Heal Rating only affects AA heals.

Key Alternate Advancement abilities

  • Decisive Strikes (for Critical Rating).
  • Empowered Mending (for critical chance on Radiance (big heals)).
  • Shimmering Invocation (area of effect heal, the healing increases with Heal Rating).
  • Emissary of Elysium (damage absorbing barrier, the barrier increases with Heal Rating).


  1. From: Sarah
    06/08-11, 23:53
    Very helpful Thanks.
    Can I ask a Noob question: In raids, can I heal players not in my group?
    My only big heal is Radiance - if I get close to them will it heal them as it's AoE even though they're not in my group?
  2. From: Leo
    07/08-11, 00:43
    In raids, can I heal players not in my group?

    Yes. Blue heal (Wave of life) heals all friendly targets in a 120 degree cone in front of you. The big heal (Radiance) heals all friendly targets around you.

    Just the green heal (Emanation of Life) is group only, but it will affect all in your group where ever they are as long as they are in range.

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