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Raiding with Herald of Xotli in Age of Conan

By: Leo
24/02-11, 00:23
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Age Of Conan

My second raiding character in Age Of Conan after PoM is HoX. Here are a little guide I recently wrote for my guild forums about how I raid with my HoX.

This is not an ultimate guide on how to play HoX in AoC. It's a description on how I feat, perk and play my HoX in T2 raids. When I follow this setup I do good damage in comparison to the rest of the raid, especially on trash mobs. If the players on other top dps classes are a bit lazy I can even top the damage list.


Generally have I chosen feats and perks that gives maximum damage (preferable magic damage) in T2 raiding. Survivability has not been prioritized.

The optimal fighting method for a HoX is fighting small groups of mobs up close as the HoX does medium range cone damage both with the main spell (Hellfire Breath) and its 2H weapon. This makes the HoX quite effective on trash mobs in T2. But to be able to use this forte you have to be very conscious on how you position yourself in relation to the mobs. You have to be able to reach as many mobs as possible with your 2H weapon and Hellfire Breath when more than one mob is available. This comes in addition to avoiding the positional shields of the mobs.


I use a Possession/Avatar hybrid feat setup.

This is an old feat setup that I have had for a year now, and there are some minor changes that may be worth trying.

Important perks

My active class perks: Hunger for More, Quickening Death (only 1 to start with to get the 2 step Hell Strikes Combo)

My passive class perks: Empowered Hellfire Breath, Empowered Hell Strikes, Empowered Burn to Death, Expanded Burn to Death.


Herald of Xotli

The is the main rotation I use: Hellfire Breath, Quickening Death (Use Hellstrike V until you get the perk), HFB, Burn to Death, HFB, QD, HFB, Molten Stell Slash, Chain of Anguish (when up), and back to the start.

The main point of this rotation is to cast Hellfire Breath at every opportunity as it in this setup is the main source to damage.

I use Desecrating Essense and Demon Maw together when they are available. They have the same cooldown and it's easier to remember to use Demon Maw when you always use it together with Desecrating Essense. This have to change if I get the perks/feats that decrease the cooldown on Desecrating Essense.

Tounge of Xotli should be used as often as possible when you also have the chance for it to hit many mobs, preferable while Desecrating Essense is active.

When I use this rotation is the share of my total damage for each spell/combo over a complete T2 the following: Hellfire Breath: 35%, Quicking Death: 20%, Burn to Death: 13%, White hits: 11%, Tongue of Xotli: 3%, Molten Steel Slash: 3%, Desecrating Essence: 2%, Chains of Anguish; 2%, Fiery Weapons: 2%.

Final words

Remember the important mantra: positioning, positioning and positioning. It's very important if you want to do the best possible damage.

Finishing of with a word of wisdom: There is a saying that if you top the damage list in a raid on HoX it isn't it a sign that HoX is a good class, it's just a sign that many of your other raid members are slacking. :-)

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