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Priest of Mitra revamp in Age of Conan

By: Leo
01/04-12, 20:06
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Age Of Conan

In the 3.3 update to Age Of Conan released 29th of March was there a Priest of Mitra revamp.

I don't know the bottom part of the Vengeance feat tree very well. Last time I feated Vengeance was when I was leveling 3 years ago.

At fist sight the Divinity feats tree seems to get some more healing, less dps and slightly better survivability.

I have listed the noticeable changes that I can relate to.


  • Mitra's Searing Eye no longer gives triple damage on undead and demons. :( Less damage on Toth adds and T3 trash, else no difference for T3 bosses.
  • Holy Cleansing no longer heals on unholy and poison damage. Will now reduce group poison damage by 60% and give group protection (3300 unholy and 1650 for other elements). No difference for T3, but looses safety net for T2 (Stinky and Athyr). Bonus damage to Condemnation is removed.
  • Less damage from Repulse as we loose a Repulse damage feat.


  • New spell: Litany of Protection. 10% Damage Deflection for priests and their team for 7 sec, 2 min cool down.
  • Blessing of Mitra is changed from a channeling spell to a normal cast spell. With the Vengeful blessing feat you increase the target and the pom damage for the duration of the spell. (Weapon damage 100% and spell base damage 25%.)
  • Holy Cleasning passively gives 50% base heal increase on Divine Halo.
  • Armor of Faith is now a stance that gives extra armor, but 15% unholy invulnerability.
  • New feat Divine Salvation. Increases the heal amount of Radiance and Divine Lance in addition to increasing the critical chance of Divine Halo.
  • Only need Avatar of Mitra feated to passively grant the Holy Storm effect when Holy Accession triggers.
  • Rebuke adds a minor spiritual wrack to target and nearby targets. (The Imperil spell has been removed.)

First try on a new feat build

I have taken my previous divinity/vengeance hybrid build (two bottom divinity and MSE from vengeance) and made it fit in the new feat trees.

PoM Divinity feats
PoM Vengeance feats

I have tried this build on Khitai mobs, and my first impression is that it not that big difference from before. How it will perform in T3 is left to see.

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