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Raiding with Priest of Mitra in Age of Conan

By: Leo
23/02-13, 05:13
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Rading with Priest of Mitra in Age of Conan

Priest of Mitra is a healer class in AoC, but it can also do good DPS.

I have earlier written posts on how I play Priest of Mitra in raids. There have since been a Priest of Mitra revamp, and I have changed my play style since I wrote my last guide. Here is an updated guide to how I play Priest of Mitra in raids.

First some filosophy

What is the main task for a PoM in an AoC raid? In my opinion is it to heal when healing is needed. When healing isn't needed should the PoM concentrate on DPSing.

So when is healing needed?

Blue heals are never needed when people already have blue heals running or have full health. Green heals are never needed when your group is at full health. Nuke heals are never needed when the green and blue heal is enough to keep people at good health.

This maybe pushed to its extremes, but any heals casted when healing isn't needed is spamming and a waste of time and mana. This time and manna is better spent on providing DPS for the raid.


I use a vengeance feat build for raid dps. The feat build is based on getting the bottom dps feat Immortal Wrath from the Vengeance tree and Vengeance of the Gods from the General tree. If I have a choice on the way down the trees I only take dps related feats.

This build gives overall good dps and have no random procs you need to keep an eye on. It also have good burst dps from the spells from the two bottom feats.

You can see the feats I have chosen here or here.

Spell Rotation

Rading with Priest of Mitra in Age of Conan

This build focuses on dps, because of this is the main purpose of the healing spells to buff, debuff and do dps. Healing is only a sideeffect. Usually is there enough healing in a raid, so you don't need to cast the healing spells for healing. You should of course cast heals if you see that it's really needed.

The main rotation is Cleansing Fire, Mitra's Searing Eye and Smite. The final Smithe here is instant. Use this every time Cleansing Fire and Mitra's Searing Eye is up. Otherwise spam Smite.

Don't cast Emanation of Life unless it's really needed as it's casting time is too long.

About every 10th second cast Rebuke and Wave of Life (WoL puts a dot on the mob and some buffs on you).

Use Radiance as a dps spell when the spell is up (unless a big heal rotation is set up). It will also buff everyone affected by it.

Use Vengeance of the Gods and Immortal Wrath when they are up. Avoid activation of both at the same time unless you want to pull aggro.

Use spellweaving when possible as it will increase your dps.

Mitra's Searing Eye does column damage. Be sure to position yourself so that it can do damage to multiple mobs when possible.

Alternate Advancement

Equipped AA perks:

  • Pressing Strikes (exchanged with Chromatic Warding when extra protection is needed)
  • Decisive Strikes (exchanged with Fortfying Empowerment when extra health is needed)
  • Empowered Mending
  • Prelate at Arms
  • Shimmering Invocation

Key passive AA perks:

  • Wards. Prioritize Frost, Unholy and Holy for T3
  • Celestial Gaze
  • Mitra's Vitality (you can never get enough health)
  • Empowered Smite (Smite is your main dps spell)
  • Improved Rebuke (More chances of knockback with Mitra's Thunder when spellweaving)


Any combination of raid and Khitai purples is good. Scarlet Circle does have the best armor for DPS. Khitai PoM weapons have a good amount of critical rating, which is missing from the PoM raid weapons.

For accessories I have 3 set of accessories that I use. One dps set with max magic damage and critical rating, one set with max constitution and one with max protection. Most of the time I use a a combination of these sets.

Solo play

When playing solo I use a variation of the raid dps feat build. The only change is that I take the one point in Ether Flow and put it in Revivication. This gives you a chance of auto green heals when you are hit, and saves you the time needed to cast Emanation of Life. If you have a lot of spare mastery points you can get the Light the Path and Blessed Soul AA perks.

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