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QuickWeb VPS parting review

By: Leo
29/11-11, 15:08
Category: General

This blog has been running on a QuickWeb 256MB OpenVZ VPS in Germany since it was started almost a year ago. But now has it been moved to another VPS provider.

The main reason for the move is not that QuickWeb has been a bad VPS provider, just that I was a little dissatisfied with the disk IO performance.

Tests with dd often showed an IO rate down to 20 MB/s. At this IO rate may the IO wait slow down file and directory access noticeably. Even if this is a very low traffic blog, I like the pages to be served as fast as possible. A support ticket about the low IO rate was opened, but QuickWeb was not able to do anything about it.

On the other hand has the stability of the VPS been really good, and the few support tickets I have opened has been answered promptly. It's also hard to beat the uptime the VPS has had.

vps:~# uptime
 15:04:30 up 346 days, 14:15,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00

Given that this VPS was not a special offer and the poor IO performance combined with that I needed to reinstall the VPS for the blog with the latest version of Debian, was the decision to move on an easy one. But I may be back as QuickWeb customer in the future if they have any special offers on better hardware.

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