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The Alpocalypse is here

By: Leo
26/06-11, 14:13
Category: Music

The new "Weird Al" Yankovic album Alpocalypse was released this week. At the same time was the video for Perform This Way released. Perform this way is a parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way". The deluxe version of the album includes a DVD with videos for most of the songs of the album. Sadly is the video for Perform This Way missing.

"Weird Al" is a veteran when it comes to music comedy and parody with a career spanning over the last 30 years, and on his latest album he continues to deliver good music parody and fun texts. My favorite songs on the album so far is: Perform This Way, CNR, Party In The CIA and Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me.

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