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By: Leo
29/07-12, 23:01
Category: Code
Nucleus CMS

Version 3.0.0 of the NP_LMFancierURL plugin has been released. Among the news and changes in this version of the LMFancierURL plugin are:

  • Possible to set a custom base URL for each blog. This will let you host blogs with different domains on the same Nucleus installation.
  • Option to redirect to the URL of the default blog index page when a base URL is used.
  • Option to include blog in generated member links to ensure the correct skin is used on the member page.
  • Requires version 1.1.1 of the NP_LMURLParts plugin.

The full documentation and the latest version of the plugin can be found on the LMFancierURL plugin page.

By: Leo
21/07-12, 00:42
Category: Game
AoC: Repeatable Milestone quest

The Milestones quest in Khitai have become repeatable in a recent game update. When you repeat the quest you can either get an other ring, or 25 rare trophies. The problem is to find where you can get the quest after you have done it once.

Cang Jei is the quest giver, and you have to spawn him to get the quest. He can be spawned by clicking the area between the feet of his statue in Paikang. The statue can be found at position: 459, 374.

By: Leo
29/04-12, 00:20
Category: Game
Age of Conan

My demonologist was my 3rd raiding character in Age of Conan that I got fully equipped with T2 gear.

This is not a all encompassing guide to playing demonologist in Age of Conan, but more a description on how I raid with my demonologist.

The described build has been used with great success in T1 and T2. It has also been tested some in T3 and should also perform well there.

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By: Leo
01/04-12, 20:06
Category: Game
Age Of Conan

In the 3.3 update to Age Of Conan released 29th of March was there a Priest of Mitra revamp.

I don't know the bottom part of the Vengeance feat tree very well. Last time I feated Vengeance was when I was leveling 3 years ago.

At fist sight the Divinity feats tree seems to get some more healing, less dps and slightly better survivability.

I have listed the noticeable changes that I can relate to.

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By: Leo
08/01-12, 04:43
Category: General

Do you ever wonder why camels in Age of Conan needs to be punched? The explanation is here!

Numetal + Jpop + Japanese Schoolgirls = BABYMETAL.

See dueling lightsaber cellists in Cello Wars playing Star Wars inspired music. Don't let the mind tricks get to you.

Found this really nice cover of LMFAOs Party Rock Anthem.

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