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By: Leo
29/11-11, 15:08
Category: General

This blog has been running on a QuickWeb 256MB OpenVZ VPS in Germany since it was started almost a year ago. But now has it been moved to another VPS provider.

The main reason for the move is not that QuickWeb has been a bad VPS provider, just that I was a little dissatisfied with the disk IO performance.

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By: Leo
20/11-11, 00:17
Category: FilmTV

ROSA is an animated sci-fi short film. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world with no human life left. We follow ROSA, who is a newly awaken cyborg. But ROSA is not alone, and have to fight for her survival.

This short film is really impressive considering it is made by an amateur on a zero budget. The animation is well made and the visuals are interesting. I also like that the short film is more than a fighting sequence, as it also has glimpses of a larger story.

By: Leo
17/09-11, 15:47
Category: Code
Nucleus CMS

The v2.1.1 release of the NP_LMFancierURL plugin is now available. It contains the following changes from v2.1.0:

  • Added function on the admin page to update special skin part URL parts. Because the plugin can't catch special skin parts being added to a skin or removed from a skin, must this function be used after a special skin part has been added to a skin or removed from a skin.
  • Uses Nucleus admin page notification to inform if a special skin part URL parts update is neccesary.

The full documentation and the latest version of the plugin can be found on the LMFancierURL plugin page.

By: Leo
17/09-11, 02:11
Category: Game

In Age of Conan you have the possibility to earn offline levels. One offline level is awarded to active premium accounts each 4th day.

You see how many offline levels you have on your account on the character selection screen. The offline levels can be applied to characters at level 30 and above. This is done from the character selection screen.

Age of Conan offline levels

I recommend to avoid using offline levels on your first characters. Only use 1 or 2 offline levels if you have no yellow or green quests to do. If you use too many offline levels at once you will not only skip game content, but you may also miss certain aspects of your character class.

By: Leo
16/09-11, 00:51
Category: Game
Age Of Conan

In my previous post about raiding with Priest of Mithra in Age of Conan I had a focus on healing. But after you have mastered the art of healing raids on your PoM it's time to up the ante and contribute more to the damage output of the raid.

For this you need a feat build that gives dps but still keep all the healing tools. The best way to do this is to loose the General feats and go Divinity/Vengeance hybrid. Without General you will loose some mana regen, some range of your healing spells, instant Radiance and instant recast of Wave of Life. Nothing of this is essensial for doing a good job as a PoM.

Updated 23/2-13: This post is obsolete, as there has been a revamp of the PoM class since it was written. I have written a new post about raiding with PoM in AoC.

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